Dog and cat party fun

It`s my party and I`ll cry if I want to – la la, la la la. Okay, so I don`t know the words to the song but I do know bringing a dog or cat to a party needs to be approved first by the party host. Double check the front of the party invitation, who was it addressed to? Did it include your pets name? If not, then a friendly chat with the host should be done before bringing your animal. It can be an easy oversight, even if the party invitation was imprinted, to forget inviting a pet. So use kindness when speaking with the host. It is not recommended asking the host if your pet can come to a few types of events like a wedding, Bachelor party, baby shower, baby naming party or bridal shower. These types of parties have lots of activities and party games such as baby shower games or bridal shower games where animals could be a distraction. Once the host agrees to your pet coming to the party, there is a few simple rules of etiquette to follow.

A must do is to have your pet bring the hostess a present/host gift like a gift basket, an engraved gift or flowers. In addition, bring the hostesses pets presents or little surprizes. Next, bring along an extra pooper scoopers. Have your pet dressed appropriately like wearing a bandana or Halloween costume. If it is a theme party like luau, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Christmas party or other holiday party choose a festive matching pet outfit. Animals tend to have different diets, so bringing along pet food and bottled water is a good idea, too. Be thoughtful by bringing your own bowls and placemat for when your pet dines. Your pet should not rely on the hostess for any special requirements. So, don`t expect the hostess to provide your pet with any party favors. Although the hostess might invite your pet, not all hostesses will think ahead of time about having party supplies for your pet, too. Thus, prepare your pet for any possible disappointment. Remember, glow sticks are not pet friendly party favors.

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