•  On Mondays, my first class was scheduled at 8am. French grammar at 8am... you understand that I was neither fully awaken nor fully happy on Monday mornings. To tell you the truth, I generally stood in front of 36 pupils neither more awaken nor happier than me.I tried to give them exercises; I tried to correct previous exercises; to ask two or three pupils to give a presentation on such or such topic in order to start a debate, then on a topic they chose; I tried each and every thing. The s... more »
  • As a man of Asian heritage, I have grew up loving to eat spicy foods. I was never able to escape the burning sensation that came out of my ass every time I had such foods. However, I've grown accustomed to such irritation. A little burning here and there is not big deal, so I continued to consume the spicy goodness that my ancestors enjoyed.On one Sunday morning, I went with a couple of Asian friends to a restaurant specializing in spicy foods. Little did I know, the day after that Sunday was th... more »
  •  A free funny ecard is a way to brighten someones day whether you are living in the same area or whether you are living far away. Free funny ecards are available through several different websites. Many of these websites will have free funny ecards that are in 3d and have many different types of pictures. A free funny ecard is an opportunity to be encouraging to a friend in a way that will make them laugh. The best part of this process is that it does not cost you a dime. All you need to ha... more »
  •  Now that I’m really settled down for bad or good, I can’t help but reflect on my lengthy past as a happy-go-lucky single. How can I forget the many bizarre, crazy, and benighted times I’ve misled myself into a man’s twin loving arms, and how very much I miss loving every minute of it? How?Why, I squirm as if caught in a velvet trap…well, I could, but my husband is standing right behind me and might ask me what I’m sitting on.Yes, it’s been nothing but high misadventure for ... more »
  •  At eight months pregnant I was bloated and uncomfortable. It had been a long, tiring day caring for my fifteen month old son. My husband and I prepared for bed. He slipped out of His jeans and t-shirt and got into bed wearing only His shorts as he always did. I slipped into my big, blue flannel mumu of a nightgown and slid under the covers next to him. Little did we know what the morning held for us but the dawn of the next day would change our lives drastically.The loud banging on the doo... more »
  •  Despite the persistent rumor, boys are not born in cabbage patches and girls in rose gardens. They do have parents. Mosts parents behave friendly, wish their kids being successful and support teacher`s efforts. Some other are, let`s say, less supportive, and teachers would prefer that pupils come from roses and cabbages.One morning, I arrived at the school, singing, like usual, when a mother suddenly appeared and asked me:- Is it you who teach my son French and Latin?I knew neither who she... more »
  •  Currently we are allowing the World Meteorological Organization WMO, a UN Agency names the Hurricanes of the year prior to the season. But like the Oil for Foods Scandal, they came up a little short having only named 21 storms for the whole season. This is obviously a problematic group for predicting trends in the world, although we have come to expect this.Around the turn of the century in Australia they did not ever argue what the names of Hurricanes would be, they simply named them afte... more »
  •  The rainbow coalition by Jesse Jackson is a silly notion indeed. First off what is the only color not in the rainbow? Black right, so what is the deal? How can we take someone seriously who does not even know which colors are in a Rainbow in the first place? Is Jesse Jackson just trying to get the 2% Homosexual Vote, by borrowing their 8% synergy in their movement?Indeed the whole idea of a rainbow collation choosing a symbol to represent their group, which leaves out Black Americans or Af... more »
  •  Jesus is lord! Wheee!!So there I was, just cruising the internet looking for a batch of pornography. I go to, an old-time favorite site, and what do I see!? No content, no join, no free-tour (heh, what I used every time), no news, just "Jesus Christ is Lord." And below that "Click Here for Freedom." Yeah, okay, so about this time, I was in the mood for some freedom. So I hit that offer up, and it basically brought me to this weird Christian site. I was like, "... more »
  •  It`s all jus` dialogue!An Interview With TruthIt is almost popular now to casually remark on the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. "Yeah, that`s almost as dangerous as smoking," one teen comments about the suggestion of jumping off a bridge. His popularity rating gained 7 points, which would be lost when he later made the comment, "That`s almost as sexy as a nine year old boy!" When I talked with this teen, whom asked that his identity be referred to as "Super X," he said, "I real... more »
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