•  It`s my party and I`ll cry if I want to - la la, la la la. Okay, so I don`t know the words to the song but I do know bringing a dog or cat to a party needs to be approved first by the party host. Double check the front of the party invitation, who was it addressed to? Did it include your pets name? If not, then a friendly chat with the host should be done before bringing your animal. It can be an easy oversight, even if the party invitation was imprinted, to forget inviting a pet. So... more »
  •  Marianne was twelve and her brother, Manfred, was four growing up in 1947 Germany. Getting all dressed up for a nice dinner in a restaurant with friends, Manfred looked cute in his tan and white vertically striped short sleeved shirt and matching short pants. A Bavarian feathered hat sat jauntily on his head. Needing a few more minutes to get ready, his mother sent him to wait outside on the step for a few minutes. Manfred happily hopped outside in the sun and they closed the door. O... more »
  •  In nineteen forty five, World War II was declared officially over. Displaced German soldiers were being rounded up and homeless families had to find new places to live. Marianne, ten, and Her brother Manfred, two and a half, were sent along with their newly widowed mother to a farm on the outskirts of Munich.The large dairy farm, one third of the population of the town, consisted of a central dirt floored court bordered by a main house, a barn complex, and storage sheds for the farm equi... more »
  •  My wife and I were having breakfast one Sunday morning when a ruckus erupted from under the mud room step A hurried investigation ended in the garage with the most God awful stink I had ever experienced. My eyes watered and our noses burned as our ears were treated to a piercing shriek from our daughter`s bedroom. She came running into the kitchen, panic in her eyes and a towel over her nose, looking for the cause of her discomfit.For weeks we had been hearing faint scratchings coming fr... more »
  •  "What is your New Year Resolution?"This was perhaps the nth time I was asked this question.Considering the progress we make every year on these resolutions, what kind of. People look at me as if I am some strange creature when I say I do not frame any resolutions. Let us take them as it comes, I feel. What say?Actually speaking, most of the New Year`s resolutions are all about mental and physical health. A wise voice within, that knows what`s best, which keeps urging us onward, rises with ... more »
  •  The Booger cheer: Pick it! Lick it! Roll it! Flick it!In an effort to explain my fascination with this “boogery subject” I will recount a story to you. There was a little girl who loved to read and she found, in a book of poetry, a children’s booger poem. It was about a snaggled toothed snail that lives in everyone’s nose. Now this snail, if you are careless enough to stick your finger too far up inside your nose, will bite the end of your finger off. I, of course, am that little g... more »
  • On weekends while my wife is away at work I get grocery shopping done at your average grocery store chains, but always have to go Wal-mart to finish getting what would be lacking on the shopping list. Jordan and I usually go to Wal-mart, because, Barrett, my older son hates to go with me because he says I take too long. I simply reply to him that i’m just looking for the best deal. Yes, I do realize I sometimes lose track of time and stay to the point the kids are whining and crying saying I ... more »
  •  Dothan, AL- Every time I turn around, another Northerner is moving into my neighborhood. I’m beginning to think all my neighbors are Yankees. This is not really a problem, but obviously most of these people are not prepared for how we do things in Dothan. Here are some things you need to know before moving to Dothan.Never order a bottle of pop or a can of soda in Dothan. It’s referred to as, “Coke”. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong beverage; the waitress will ... more »
  •  "Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine"- These words from the prolific comedy writer, Larry Gelbart, seem to describe best what most of us know from our own experiences with laughing: it not only makes us happier, it also makes us stronger and, in many cases, healthier.When I first came up with the idea of creating a new humor web-site, my goals, I have to admit, were quite modest. I always loved dealing with funny materials, and the site gave me a chance to know some jokes that... more »
  •  Continuing from my last article on association, let`s see how this technique generates hilarious result. By association means by pairing or combining thoughts, images or even words together.The most popular and obvious form of association in comedy is INCONGRUITY; by pairing of opposites or contrasts. Like fat and thin, black and white, new and ancient and the list goes on. By juxtapositing two opposites it creates incongruity. This premise can whip up endless potential humorous ideas. Exa... more »
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